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Available for Private Consultations, Skype and Telephone Readings.

Intuitive Counselling, Life Coaching and Business Mentoring.

Also demonstrating my work at  Corporate and Charity Events.

In England, Sweden, Germany and Asia

contact suegeorgefoundation@gmail.com for details

I have worked  consistently as an intuitive psychic medium for twenty years or more and my psychic and mediumsitic abilty has always been with me even as a child. Sadly then there was not the understanding as there is now and it was suppressed for many years so although I did continue to experience it I was written off as imaginative or at times even slightly mad ...


My first psychic experience was when I was eight years old and seeing my granny who had recently passed sitting on the end of my bed. Her message was, "Sue I've had to go away for a little while but I'll pop back and see you whenever I can." It was looking back at this experience and knowing that at the time I had no knowledge of death, in fact I didn't even know at this point that my grandmother had died that convinced me that there is no death, only continuing life. It is because of this that if a loved one connects to me whilst I am working I do my utmost to bring you evidence of their continuing survival.


It was during my thirties that my ability really showed itself and I was fortunate to meet several people who trained me to work with this energy in a positive and balanced way and I've not stopped learning ever since.


I am a great believer that life is a journey and we all, without exception have a role to play in it especailly now whilst the evolution of our planet is at such a crucial point.


Until recently I had never really travelled and travelling has never been an ambition of mine but a few years ago the Universe had other plans for me. Leaving all my security and the comfort zone that I loved behind I ended up in India which has provided me with the most intense spiritual and personal development so far. It was here that I met the children who made me realise that we need so little to live on and to be happy so now I live a simple life and hope to enable far more children to live a positive one through the setting up of the Sue George Foundation.


Through learning the discipline of meditation I find that I am able to access the energy of deep Spiritual wisdom which gives me information to help you through this journey we call life. I literally put my conscious mind to one side and allow what happens to happen. Most of the time once you have left I have no recollection of what has been said during a reading which is why I can assure you of confidentiality. I have also learnt that there is no religious or cultural barrier to the work that I do having done readings for people from all walks of life and of differing beliefs - Love, the energy I work with has no boundaries, there is no judgement and problems as we perceive them are all just opportunities for learning whilst we are here for this short time.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my site - I hope you enjoyed it and that we'll meet again x

Sue George